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Our Products : Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (API) Products

# Product Name Pharma Standard Document Status Therapeutic Use
1 Diaceriene IP R&D Development Osteoarthritis
2 Des-Venlafaxine IP/USP/BP/INH Tech Pack Anti-Phytopic
3 Bicalutaminde IP/BP INH Anti-Cancer
4 Cinnacalcet Hcl IP/USP/BP R&D Tech Pack Anti-Hypertensive
5 Repagalinide Hcl IP/USP/BP R&D Tech Pack Anti-Diabetic
6 Olapatadine Hcl USP/BP R&D Tech Pack Anti-Inflammatory
7 Iron Sucrose IP/BP/USP Tech Pack Kidney Disease
8 Ipratropium Bromide IP/USP/BP Tech Pack Anti-Asthmatic
9 Tiotropium Bromide IP/USP/BP R&D Tech Pack Lab Scale Anti-Asthmatic
10 Roflumilast IP/USP/BP R&D Tech Pack Anti-Asthmatic
11 Levo Sulbutanol Sulphate IP/USP/BP Tech Pack Anti-Asthmatic
12 Perindopril Erbumine IP/USP/BP Tech Pack Anti-Hypertensive
13 Ketoconaole BP/EP/USP Tech Pack Anti-Fungal
14 Dexlansoprazole EP/USP R&D Development Anti-Ulcer Agent
  • We manufature for Advance Ingredients (API) stge N-1 to N-3 for above API
  • Also having facility of custom synthesis development & scaleup
  • We are also taking custom synthesis project
  • We are manufaturer all Pharmaceutical Intermediates